Stereo Recording

Calundronius Recordings offers a choice of stereo recording techniques.

Stereo is the most economical, and arguably the best, method of recording small and medium size acoustic groups where a single microphone pair is sufficient to capture all of the sound. This method is capable of giving a more accurate stero image than multi-track recording, and is excellent for documenting the acoustics of the performance space.

Stereo recording is also a very effective and economical method of documenting performances where sound reinforcement is in use, and where recording from the soundboard is impractical or problematic.

Our most frequently employed technique is recording direct to hard disc, using a MOTU Traveler audio interface into an Apple powerbook and Digital Performer.

Where space, lack of mains power or portability is a concern we also offer Hard disc or DAT recording.

In most situations, small diaphragm Oktava MC-012 condenser microphones are will give the best stereo results. For solo instrumentalists and duos, large diaphragm microphones (Neumann TLM-103) sometimes offer advantages. For most purposes, the 'ORTF' microphone placement will be our preferrred configuration. Where the occasion calls for it, MS recording (optimal mono performance) or Blumlein stereo recording are also offered.

Paul Dunmall, Mark Sanders, Bruce Coates: FRIMP , The Victoria, Birminghsm

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