Multitrack Recording

Calundronius Recordings provides a range of multitrack location recording options:

8-Channel 16-Channel 24-Channel
high quality mic / line preamps Y Y Y
selectable phantom power Y Y Y
near-zero latency Y Y Y
16-bit resolution Y Y Y
24-bit resolution Y Y Y
44.1 K samples/second Y Y Y
48K samples/second Y Y Y
88.2K / 96K / 176.4K / 192K samples/second Y

8/16-channel recording

This system offers both very high quality and very quick turnaround from multitrack recording to CDR burning, due to superior microphone preamplifiers and the design of the recording software.
The 16 recording channels are fronted by high quality preamplifiers, from Behringer ADA8000 and MOTU 896HD units, with eight audio channels each, capable of taking microphone or line-level input levels, with switchable phantom power. The MOTU 896HD is used to transfer this audio to Digital Performer multitrack recording software running on an Apple G4 Powerbook, running the OS X10.4 Tiger operating system.

Near-Zero Latency

All these 16 channels can be safely inserted in the chain between microphones and mixing desk, in those situations where sound reinforcement is to be integrated with recording. This is possible because the preamplifier units - Behringer ADA8000 and MOTU 896HD - have near-zero latency from their audio inputs to their analog audio outputs. In other words, there are none of the computer-induced delays inherent using the output of recording software, which can be the source of many problems.

Digital Resolution

For both 8- and 16-channel recording, either 16bits/sample or 24bits/sample are available. The majority of projects use a resolution of 16 bits, but for when it is needed, 24 bit resolution is available.

Sampling rates

For 8-channel recording, the MOTU 896HD has the capability of recording at high recording rates: 88K, 96K, 176.4K or 192K samples/second. These sampling rates are only available from the 896HD.
For 16- and 24-channel recording, the available sampling frequencies are 44.1K samples/second (the standard for CD production,) and 48K samples/second (the standard for broadcast/film.)

24 Channel Recording

8 additional channels are available for recording when a MOTU Traveler is connected onto the Firewire interface. Of these 8 extra recording channels, 4 are microphone or line-level inputs, and 4 are line-level only. The preamplifier quality and latency performance of the MOTU Traveler are equal to those of the other recording interfaces.

Post-Production work

Digital Performer provides excellent facilities for mixing and post-production work on the recorded audio. Calundronius Recordings can deliver Red Book standard CD masters.
Calundronius Recordings can also deliver "raw" audio channel files, in any suitable format, to clients who prefer to do their own post-production work.


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